His Impulse Was to Run


His first impulse was to run, but his feet did not move. Meanwhile, Morgan Megan raised her hand to shield her eyes from the sunbeam, yawned and stretched with languor.  Then, she looked him full in the face.  Now they say that if you keep a faerie in your eye, the faerie cannot leave, but it works the other way as well.  Morgan Megan held Ger prisoner with her eyes. Johnny_small

“What brings you, sir, to my forest boudoir?” she challenged. And Ger replied straight-away, “Your boudoir, my lady, is in my path!

With a laugh, she sprang from the mushrooms to her feet, still holding Ger locked in her gaze. “And so, sir, where doth your path lead?”

“To the farm of my friend,” he answered. “My friend whose cow languishes this moment in terrible pain.”

Now, Morgan Megan too was in harmony with the animals of the forest and field, but she also fancied Ger, whom she suspected of being a most uncommon, common person. As was her habit, she wished to question him about the strange world in which people dwell and the even stranger habits they pretend to acquire.

“I face a dilemma, kind sir,” she said, “I want to share some moments with you and learn your opinions of the way of the world, but I also sympathize with the suffering of your friend’s cow. How can we solve such a dilemma?”

“I perhaps can suggest a solution,” Ger offered, “But first I must know. Are you a kindly faerie or a trickster who may ridicule me or steal my purse in jest?”

“You will have to draw your own conclusions,” answered Morgan Megan. “For whether I be true or false, I would answer you the same.”

Ger considered her answer and smiled at her quick wit. “Then, if you desire my company,” he said, “Come along with me to visit the cow for I hear that faeries can remove a hump and clear the eyes.  Perhaps, you can heal where I can only give comfort.”

“Ah! The first part of your invitation I will fulfill with pleasure, but if the cow be in the field then I cannot fulfill the second. Faeries are not safe in your world when they show themselves for all to see.”


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