Musical Creations

Sandy McIntire
Sandy McIntire

MUSICAL CREATIONS includes compositions and arrangements for violin and piano. 

Sandy McIntire, Musical Creations

Describing her music, Sandy says, “I started arranging a few easy pieces for my students and over the years accumulated hundreds of arrangements and compositions suitable for beginning and intermediate players. I think providing both solo and ensemble opportunities for students is important. I also believe each student should be able to find sheet music for the type and level of difficulty of music he or she enjoys playing.  SMP Press now makes this possible for anyone at low cost and in the time it takes to print the music. I like hearing from those who purchase and play my music. Compliments  inspire me, but I also like to get suggestions for improvements. Playing the tunes we love is one of the greatest pleasures of life. Making that music available is one of my greatest delights.”

Check out these recent compositions and arrangements by Sandy McIntire:

MORNING by Edvard Grieg – Violin Solo with Piano Accompaniment

HERE I COME, READY OR NOT – A 21st Century Christian Chant



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